Steak is not just any common food, it is a way of life. When you are at GOODMAN you enjoy your steak but you also get a taste of the steak-culture.


Steak-lessons from GOODMAN


Steak is a pleasure well worth looking into. At GOODMAN we conduct special steak-courses for steak-lovers. The participants acquire comprehensive knowledge of the subject, both theoretical and practical, not to mention gustatorial. Steakophiles hear everything about the kind of beef required for rib-eye steak or filet mignon and about its provenance, they see ideal steaks being cooked from scratch and get detailed instruction in the art of cooking and serving steaks. The courses are naturally crowned with our specialty steak tasting.


Would you like some strawberries? We invite you to taste seasonal desserts in GOODMAN!

GOODMAN steak house welcomes summer with a new delicious seasonal offer - strawberry desserts and drinks. You are definitely gonna get a charge of vitamins and bright gastronomic impressions!

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