GOODMAN is a steak-house.


A perfect steak-house where one can enjoy perfect steaks. And there is nothing that can beat a perfect steak, believe us! Here in GOODMAN every good man is entitled to a good bite of some really good meat. We serve classic steaks that are popular all over the world, in GOODMAN: juicy rib-eye, impressive marbled cowboy, flavorful New York, elegant filet mignon. We use only Aberdeen Angus and Hereford for our steaks. These breeds are grown in ecologically healthy parts of Australia and Argentina. We work with the best meat purveyors in the world. Fresh meat is stored and transported in ideal conditions at +1C. We cook our steaks using natural wood coal and professional hosper oven. We recommend the best grade of doneness for every kind of steak. There is no way we can explain what a real steak is. If you've already had a taste of GOODMAN steak you know what we mean. If not, welcome to GOODMAN, just try it! We are sure you'll enjoy it!


Tasty business lunches in GOODMAN - the key to successful business!

The beginning of autumn is a great time for a new business start. Having rested for the summer, gaining strength and inspiration, you can finally begin to work actively. The further plan of action is going to be like this: you will conquer the heights of business, while we will take care of your health and good mood and feed you the most delicious dinners in the GOODMAN steak house.

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