Watermelon season in GOODMAN

Fresh berries, fruits and vegetables are one of the reasons why we are so waiting for summer! Vitamin charge is so necessary for all of us.

Fresh watermelons arrived to GOODMAN steak house! Without doubt watermelon - is the most delicious berry of August and a breath of freshness in the hot summer day.

Hurry up to try new watermelon proposal in GOODMAN!

Sweet, cold watermelon fresh (47 UAH) fills glasses and pitchers. This light refreshing drink tones and energizes even on the hottest days.

Sweet, juicy, delicious watermelon (65 USD) can be cut and provided for lunch or dinner. It will give you freshness and new experiences! Now is the time to pamper yourself and your beloved ones with watermelon.

Only summer in GOODMAN and nothing more.



Gastro-tour in steakhouse GOODMAN menu. PART 3: Vegetarian lunch

You think, GOODMAN - is only steaks? Breaking old stereotypes, we have prepared a selection of popular vegetarian dishes in steakhouse GOODMAN!

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