To good people - good steak!

For some, the preparation for the New Year holidays - is a joyful process of selecting and purchasing gifts, Christmas decorations, but for others - troublesome organization of celebrations and hours spent in the kitchen cooking time for agonizing festive dishes to New Year's table. Do you want to spend that way the most important holiday of the year? It is no wonder they say: "As the New Year meet ..", well, you know ... We offer you to celebrate New Year delicious - the best steaks from the American marble beef and a glass of excellent wine. Now it is available to everyone, because the steak house GOODMAN gives a 20% discount to order takeaway food! 


If you want to see the New Year in your comfortable home with relatives and friends, but at the same time enjoy a delicious meat and delicious snacks from the favorite steakhouse, then all you have to do - to pre-order your favorite items from the menu and pick them up at the restaurant already discounted. 


Our crown steaks will not only adorn your holiday table, but also can be a wonderful gift. You are going on a visit ? Then grab a few servings of juicy steaks to a feast of steak-house GOODMAN, and you will certainly hear the cries of delight and gratitude from your friends.


Our special offer also please all dedicated fans of the legendary steaks Beef, who simply do not have time to visit the restaurant and help out in difficult hour romantic men who dream to impress a girl a delicious dinner in the comfort of your home. And indeed, a large steak for less money - is not it the dream of every avid carnivore?;) 


Now you can more often please friends and relatives with incomparable GOODMAN steaks! Waiting for you!



GOODMAN steak house is a restaurant where the meat cult dominates

GOODMAN steak house is a legendary place of a well-known international network that unites the same name meat restaurants in London, Zurich and Kiev. 

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