The wine list GOODMAN: review of the best samples of the collections

Goodman - is not just a steak house, which serves the best steaks of marbled beef in the country. This restaurant has a perfectly balanced wine list: the dense, saturated from the New World, elegant and thin from France, and juicy fruit from Italy and Spain.


Thanks to an experienced and extremely talented sommelier Basil Negin, the whole range of wines finely thought out and fit perfectly with any dish from the menu.


We present you some of the samples GOODMAN wine collection, which, according to Basil Negin, deserve special attention.


First on the list - a wonderful Jerez Fino from Alvaro Domecq - dry and spicy, slightly mineral, bright straw color with a sharp and thin, filled with a variety of nuances of bouquet. It reveals the characteristic tone veil, almond, apple balanced, buttery taste. Jerez is perfect for an aperitif. It also harmonizes with fish and meats, vegetables and spicy soups.


From white dry wines I would like to highlight the Chardonnay from the legendary Sicilian winemaker Alessio Planeta. Chardonnay has yellow-golden color, with a rich and intense bouquet, with aromas of peach and fig, intertwined with honey tones, notes of vanilla and nuts. The wine is soft, round, full. Well suited to vegetable soups, meat and fish.


Antiguas Rezervas Cabernet Sauvignon (Kousino - Macul) is a prominent representative of the Chilean wine. The wine has a dark ruby ​​color with intense aromas of black currants and blackberries, with hints of spice. Well-structured, it has a persistent, complex and long-lasting aftertaste. Excellent accompaniment to red meats, grilled vegetables and cheeses of average aging.


Chateau Grunge Neuve from Pomerol (Bordo) stands out for its intensity, lush delicate bouquet with notes of red berries, spice and strawberry notes. At sufficiently high alcohol content (15.5% vol. U) alcoholicity is hardly felt, the wine is perfectly balanced, full-bodied, it has a long aftertaste, which captured the aromas of truffles and currants. Excellent with meat dishes.


For desserts suitable saturated sweet Recioto della Valpolicella Classico Zeni made from slightly dried grapes raisins to the state. It has an intensearoma with a pleasant fruity and floral notes. The taste is sweet, velvety. It can be served as an accompaniment to desserts, and independently as a digestif.


Welcome to steak house GOODMAN for unforgettable impressions from the perfect pair: Beef and fine wine!


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