The real fun only in GOODMAN

April Fool's Day - is not just a day when everyone is trying to play tricks, but also a great reason to go to a restaurant, to laugh and amuse their friends and family.

It is believed that there was a holiday on April 1 because of the transition to the Gregorian calendar. The fact is that later the New Year was celebrated in March. After the reform of the calendar, some conservative-minded people continued to celebrate New Year's week in the old style – in spring. Other laughed and teased them, presented the funny gifts and called them April fools. And that’s how April Fool's Day appeared.

GOODMAN steak house invites guests – the true connoisseurs of the best steaks – to celebrate this festive spring holiday together. For lovers of a good jokes GOODMAN’s Chef prepared not comic treats.

In our steak house reigns cult of delicious steaks - the famous "New York",  juicy "Ribeye", gentle "Filet mignon". And the menu is carefully chosen to accentuate the unique taste of the meat. Salads, sauces, side dishes - each treat is brought to a perfect consonance with the steak. And every dish requires its own wine!

With the arrival of spring we've modernized our wine list. Now when you’re visiting a GOODMAN steak house, you can enjoy new drinks, which were brought from all over the world: France, Spain, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and other countries. Attentive waiters will help you choose the right wine, according to your taste.

Come and enjoy!



GOODMAN steak house is a restaurant where the meat cult dominates

GOODMAN steak house is a legendary place of a well-known international network that unites the same name meat restaurants in London, Zurich and Kiev. 

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