The new wine list in Goodman steakhouse!

By the beginning of winter we have prepared pleasant surprise for our guests! Our new wine list has included the best wines from around the world. France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina ... You can feel taste of these countries without leaving the motherland, and even with Ukrainian prices! :)


With the help of our new, experienced and incredibly talented sommelier Vasily Negin, you can diversify your dining experience with new flavors! Steaks and correctly picked up fine wine - classic of all times!


Vasily Vasilievich will help you to make the best choice in the steakhouse, and yet we offer you to get acquainted with our new wine list online:




Boston Dinner - bestseller in GOODMAN

Steak-house GOODMAN continues to delight their guests with the unique offers. This time, our seasonal set "Boston dinner" came to taste of our guests that we could not deny in pleasure to make you a small gift. 

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