The best picnic from GOODMAN!

A long-awaiting summer has arrived – it is the time of having a rest on the nature, picnics with friends, the bright sun and simply good mood. That’s a perfect time to escape from the bustle of the city and spend some time on the nature. We would like to remind you, that from now on you can entrust all efforts of preparation for a picnic to stake-house GOODMAN. We will make sure that your picnic is unforgettably delicious.
You may buy American marble beef in the stake-house. And the practical advices from our chiefs will help you to cook it. And special GOODMAN’s sauces will help you to make the accents and to give meat a completed taste.
The stake-house has prepared a useful gift for those who enjoy having a rest outdoors – it’s a bag of coal*. It’s always so nice to take care of our friends.
Visit GOODMAN for an assorted meat, take your family, friends and go for a picnic in the best traditions of this summer.

GOODMAN is a GOODpicnic!

* – the gift is available for every buyer that purchases 4 stakes or more.


GOODMAN steak house is a restaurant where the meat cult dominates

GOODMAN steak house is a legendary place of a well-known international network that unites the same name meat restaurants in London, Zurich and Kiev. 

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