Tasty and refined: His Majesty Kobe - only in GOODMAN!

You know what makes marble beef so exquisite and delicious? The special technique of growing steers Wagyu breed that requires a truly royal, long and reverent care. And all in order to prepare for you an unrivaled delicacy – Kobe steak.


For a long time, excellent meat of the calves could enjoy only in Japan, but now Kobe steaks are available in the best steakhouse around the world. Especially, it has become popular in the United States and Australia, where it is delivered straight to the experienced hands of GOODMAN chefs.


All assess are invited to taste how melts in your mouth and makes you forget about everything on the planet the incomparable steak – His Majesty Kobe!



His Majesty Kobe


Barbecue party: Birthday in GOODMAN style

Meat and whiskey - the main guarantee of a successful male birthday! 

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