Steaks and wine - eternal classic!

Sommelier GOODMAN Vasily Negin every day tries to make steakhouse guests receive incredible fun and new dining experience with wine, and in particular - the combination of wines from around the world with excellent marbled beef steaks.


According to Vasily, rib-eye steak taste will be perfectly accentuated by Twin Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon from the Robert Mondavi (California, USA). Aroma of ripe blackcurrant and jam, as well as an impressive tannin Cabernet is perfectly combined with taste of "the most marbled steak".

The combination of tender filet mignon with Tuscan Poggio alla Guardia ensures new taste sensations.

A beloved New York Steak sommelier GOODMAN recommends to combine with French Chateau Doyyak Cru Bourgeois. The taste of ripe plum and pleasant astringency emphasizes the flavor of beef steak.


We are waiting for you in the steak-house, friends, and wish to experience the most genuine gastronomic pleasure!

GOODMAN - Good Wine & Meat


Tastefully lent in steak-house GOODMAN

Everyone who is prepared for lent as much as 40 days to devote both spiritual and physical cleansing, we invite to steak house GOODMAN.

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