Steakhouse GOODMAN treats - a glass of wine for each lovely Tatyana!

It is surprisingly coincided that exactly on St. Tatyana's Day, which is celebrated on January, 25 by the new style, Empress Elizabeth signed a decree on the establishment of the University of Moscow in 1755 and St. Tatiana's Day became an official University holiday. In those days it was called the birthday of the University of Moscow. Since then, St. Tatiana considered the patroness of students. There are different opinions about the origin of the ancient name "Tatyana", one of which is that in Greek it means "the woman who arranges" or "the founder".

Therefore, Steakhouse GOODMAN wishes to maintain the historical tradition and congratulate all Tatyanas with their Day, treating them with a drink of the Gods, which blends perfectly with the most delicious and juicy steaks of the city.

Steakhouse GOODMAN honors traditions and superstitions: if it is snowing on Tatyana’s Day, the summer will be rainy. So, let's watch the weather together in a cozy festive atmosphere of GOODMAN!

On January, 25 each Tatiana is waiting for a glass of red wine and good mood as always! 


Enjoy the bright Easter holiday in GOODMAN!

Dear friends, we are approaching to the bright Easter holiday! GOODMAN steak house congratulates all Orthodox Christians on the day of the Resurrection of Christ and invites you to celebrate Easter together!

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