Steakhouse GOODMAN starts the season of summer barbecues

Juicy meat cooked on coals, with an incredible smell of fire, with an appetizing golden crust – it is a true gastronomic symbol of summer, the same as the magic of nature, amusing picnics and long warm evenings.

For GOODMAN, the beef flagship of the capital, along with summer comes the favorite season. From June 10 till the last day of August, we inspired by American picnics with portable grills and cheerful good-neighborhood, will cook urban barbecue. True, tasty, with special mood! The most delicious steaks are cooked in hospers and grills and even in the air you can feel the subtle aroma of smoke from charcoal.

Barbecue is a technique of slow meat cooking on the coals at a low temperature for a long time. It appeared in America in the late 1800s. In such a way cowboys prepared tough cuts of meat, which became softer after 6-7 hours of baking. Fortunately, the technology has now changed and the guests of the steak house GOODMAN are able to enjoy a special barbecue menu in a comfortable environment.

Each dish of the grilled summer offer sounds in a special way - designed particularly for the BBQ menu unique marinades and four special sauces, taste exceptionally as a good complement to grilled dishes. So, we suggest to try:

Chicken breast with fragrance mist (129 UAH) - аt first it was marinated with all the thoroughness in a sauce "Cole Slaw", which gave the dish juiciness and spicy notes of spices and then fried in hosper until golden brown. Vegetables shade pleasant intense flavor of chicken.

Pork tenderloin with mushrooms and bacon on the grill (149 UAH) – this dish will be enjoyed by everyone: men will appreciate the solidity of the pork tenderloin, and women - its vivid taste. The dish is generously packed with fried on fire mushrooms, bacon, onions and pine nuts.

“Grill for the whole world” (569 UAH) - all the dishes of the festival - kebab "Goodman", loin of lamb, chicken breast and pork tenderloin are the perfect offer for the company of good friends.

Lamb loin roasted on fire in fragrant herbs (519 UAH) - сharcoal flavor of this dish will capture you. A tender lamb loin in hosper is brought to perfection, and the herbs and delicious summer vegetables are a good complement to this dish.

Kebab cooked over on charcoal GOODMAN (179 UAH) - кebab of minced beef with onions, aromatic spices and herbs cilantro. Kebab fried in hosper retains its texture, but becomes fragrant, expressive and has vibrant flavors of meat cooked on a fire.

Steakhouse GOODMAN invites everyone who stays in the city to enjoy a sumptuous barbecue right in the heart of Kiev!


Tasty autumn in the GOODMAN steak house!

For what we really love autumn, so this is for a new seasonal menu in the GOODMAN steak house! We strive to surprise guests with original taste combinations and create a warm atmosphere even on the cloudiest day. Therefore, we invite you to taste the bright and mouth-watering dishes from the autumn menu of the GOODMAN steak house!

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