Steak House GOODMAN congratulates all sweethearts with a wonderful St. Valentine's Day!

Eros, philia, agape or storge are the words which has been signifying various forms of love for centuries. Metamorphosis of this feeling continues to amaze us present day.

There are enthusiastic love, friendship love, affection love, family love and sometimes even unconditional and sacrificial love. It is difficult to imagine our lives without these diverse feelings.

On the Valentine's Day eve it is so nice to know that ability to feel love makes us happy.

On February, 14, Steak House GOODMAN is pleased to invite you to a special dinner of sweethearts. In this romantic evening  after 18 p.m. every couple will be able to enjoy a glass of red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pierre Fusil as a compliment from the restaurant.

GOODMAN also will delight you another pleasant surprise. When ordering Valentine's Day Taittinger Brut Reserve 0,75, you will get a petite Rose (0,375) in a gift box additionally. Bottle of champagne will be a great gift for your darlings.

On this day people congratulate not only sweethearts, but all Valentines. Americans and Germans congratulate teachers and their colleagues, the British congratulate pets. In Japan, Valentine's Day is generally regarded as an exclusively male holiday.

No matter what nationality you are representing, Steak House GOODMAN believes that love knows no bounds!

Steak House GOODMAN congratulates all sweethearts with a wonderful St. Valentine's Day!


Would you like some strawberries? We invite you to taste seasonal desserts in GOODMAN!

GOODMAN steak house welcomes summer with a new delicious seasonal offer - strawberry desserts and drinks. You are definitely gonna get a charge of vitamins and bright gastronomic impressions!

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