Special Coravin menu from steak-house GOODMAN

All lovers of sophisticated wines will have more fun and will get new gastronomic experiences in the Goodman steakhouse!


Let's start with history ... A few years ago, Greg Lambrecht, inventor of medical equipment and, concurrently, lover of good wines, used one of his inventions to fill a glass of wine through a puncture in the bottles tube. This bottle has remained hermetically sealed. And this wine was kept in the bottle, not oxidized, even more than five years!


Now, thanks to this invention, received the name Koravin, you can try many of our great wines without buying a whole bottle! Drink a glass of elegant Burgundy today, and a few months later gather friends and compare the same Burgundy with Pinot Noir and other wines!


Meet special Coravin menu for the true wine gourmets: http://ua.goodman.ru/ru/karta_napitkov/glavnaya_karta/


GOODMAN - Good Life


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