Savior of the Apple Feast Day in GOODMAN

Sweetness. A sign of dignity and synonym of pleasure. Ripe fruit, dessert - everything that brings pleasure people called sweet. And it's so nice to spend the sweetest day of the summer - Savior of the Apple Feast Day in your favorite restaurant - steak house GOODMAN.

Savior of the Apple Feast Day is a holiday that marks the end of the summer and the beginning of the golden autumn. But everybody wants to delay its arrival even for one day!

Enjoy the taste of this summer and try a dessert GOODMAN brand apple pie, which is a symbol of the holiday.

The taste of this wonderful cake is very difficult to express in words. When you try it, you will feel the crunch of the finest light caramel with the dozens of thin apple petals, and then you feel the tender bliss of dough soaked in sweet and sour juice. And, finally, thanks to the sauce and ice cream, you will feel vanilla aftertaste. This dessert will leave unforgettable memories in gastronomic experiences of any person.

Celebrate Savior of the Apple Feast Day at the steak house GOODMAN and be sure the sweet life will be provided to you.



Enjoy the bright Easter holiday in GOODMAN!

Dear friends, we are approaching to the bright Easter holiday! GOODMAN steak house congratulates all Orthodox Christians on the day of the Resurrection of Christ and invites you to celebrate Easter together!

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