Proper burgers - only in Goodman!

They say that one can taste a real burger only in the US, but Goodman Steak House serves the right, indeed real burgers!


It would seem that everything is simple and concise: this dish includes a patty of minced meat and delicious soft roll... But in fact, everything is much more complicated! Juicy burger is prepared of selected marbled beef, roasted in josper. For a complete picture a burger is complemented by a ripe tomato slices, rings of red onion, lettuce. We serve a burger with fries and two sauces.


If you didn’t have time to try the Premier-GOODMAN burger, hurry to fill up a collection of your gastronomic experiences! ;)




The whole palette of summer tastes in the seasonal menu of the GOODMAN steak house

The ardent admirers of the GOODMAN steak house were looking forward to the summer with impatience, because it gives us not only warm sunny days, but also a special summer menu from the GOODMAN`s Chef!

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