Proper burgers - only in Goodman!

They say that one can taste a real burger only in the US, but Goodman Steak House serves the right, indeed real burgers!


It would seem that everything is simple and concise: this dish includes a patty of minced meat and delicious soft roll... But in fact, everything is much more complicated! Juicy burger is prepared of selected marbled beef, roasted in josper. For a complete picture a burger is complemented by a ripe tomato slices, rings of red onion, lettuce. We serve a burger with fries and two sauces.


If you didn’t have time to try the Premier-GOODMAN burger, hurry to fill up a collection of your gastronomic experiences! ;)




Delicious business lunch during the lent - only in steak house GOODMAN

At lunchtime, allow yourself to retire, relax and ponder for a while in silence, enjoying a delicious lunch.

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