New York dinner in GOODMAN

If you want to impress your business partners and ensure the success of the transaction - treat them with new delicious set "Dinner New York" in steak-house GOODMAN! Here we treat food as scrupulous as business contracts because the new gastronomic offer is thought over in every detail.

New York steak is made from great meat from the loin of a steer. It was first offered in New York Steakhouses - hence the name. "New York" is a world-famous steak for the true connoisseurs of meat. In Goodman you will be offered a salad with fresh cucumbers, ripe tomatoes and herbs. For a garnish an attentive waiter will offer you French fries or mashed potatoes with Roquefort cheese. Goodman special sauce with red wine, berries and honey will complement the taste of the dish. And all this at a remarkably low price, because the cost of the set is just 499 UAH!

Invite your partners to GOODMAN and you will have good luck!



Enjoy the bright Easter holiday in GOODMAN!

Dear friends, we are approaching to the bright Easter holiday! GOODMAN steak house congratulates all Orthodox Christians on the day of the Resurrection of Christ and invites you to celebrate Easter together!

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