Meat norm: how much GOODMAN steak you ate this year?

You have nightmares, where succulent steaks orderly marching out of the kitchen in the main room of the restaurant, and one after another jump on the dish? And suddenly woken up in the fevered minds of the inner voice beckoning quietly in your favorite steakhouse for a regular portion of meat? This is a sure sign that this year you ate insufficient number of legendary steaks GOODMAN!


You feel a little relaxed, not eaten enough meat ... But do not despair, the situation is reperable! All you need to do to get rid of gastro-hallucinations - to have time to deal with the right amount of juicy steaks from the choicest beef marble for the rest of the week, and with a clear conscience enter into the new year.


For those who absolutely surrendered to the end of the year, we have prepared a double portion ща steaks "Cowboy" with heroic size XXL. A more responsible meat-eaters will get a unique steak: two kinds of meat "T-bone" fragrant "Ribeye" with perfect degree of medium roasting or bestseller "New York." And for those who honestly finished with every bite of beef this year, will complement the collection of meat wins the finishing touch - tender steak "Filet mignon" with a glass of dry red.


Hurry up to GOODMAN to fill mandatory annual rate of the best steaks in the capital! Until the New Year left quite a bit time, so that each gram of meat counts. We wait for all fans of meat culinary masterpieces for dose of incomparable pleasure to Steak House GOODMAN!




Tasty autumn in the GOODMAN steak house!

For what we really love autumn, so this is for a new seasonal menu in the GOODMAN steak house! We strive to surprise guests with original taste combinations and create a warm atmosphere even on the cloudiest day. Therefore, we invite you to taste the bright and mouth-watering dishes from the autumn menu of the GOODMAN steak house!

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