Maslenitsa with GOODMAN’s taste

On 21 and 22 February we invite you to say goodbye to winter in GOODMAN steak house!


The main attribute of the holiday are pancakes. It is a symbol of the sun and its power. According to ancient legend, the more pancakes you eat on Maslenitsa, the more happy days will be in this year.


By tradition, we bake pancakes, and you - eat! As much as you want. And if you're not a fan of pancakes, we are happy to please you with perfectly cooked steaks. Famous "New York," juicy "Rib-eye" and tender "Filet mignon" with rich taste of meat cooked in josper are waiting for you in GOODMAN.


Greet spring with GOODMAN’s taste!




Delicious business lunch during the lent - only in steak house GOODMAN

At lunchtime, allow yourself to retire, relax and ponder for a while in silence, enjoying a delicious lunch.

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