Marbled beef: miracle meet

As scientists found, marbled beef is so highly appreciated around the world with good reason. It, unlike most other types of meat, has a wonderful feature: in marbled beef saturated fat, which meatis rich in, converts into useful oleic acid found in olive oil.


While cooking the fat melts, so the meat becomes tender and juicy and full offinest flavor.

So, ordering for the next time the marbled beef steak you can be sure: no harm for your figure andonly plus for your health.


Marbled beef steak and refreshing fruit lemonade prepared in GOODMAN are the perfect match for the hot summer day! Visit us and see for yourself!

GOODMAN – Good beef


Marbled beef: miracle meet


Barbecue party: Birthday in GOODMAN style

Meat and whiskey - the main guarantee of a successful male birthday! 

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