Lenten menu in GOODMAN

From 23 February until Easter Orthodox Christians observe Lent.


Lent at steak house is a delicate matter. Whether you order a juicy steak or a light vegetable salad in GOODMAN, the result will always be the same - a great taste of food and excellent mood.


We believe lent is not a reason to deny yourself. We will add some color to your diet! Meet the Lenten menu from our Chef:

  • White borsch with mushrooms (96,00 UAH)
  • Vegetable soup (96,00 UAH)
  • Linguine with vegetables (119,00 UAH)
  • Vegetable stew (119,00 UAH)
  • Honey pear with cherry confiture (119,00 UAH)


But that's not all! On weekdays from 12:00 till 16:00 lenten dishes will be presented not only in the main menu, but also in the business lunch menu!


Lenten menu is valid until 11 April.


Gastro-tour in steakhouse GOODMAN menu. PART 3: Vegetarian lunch

You think, GOODMAN - is only steaks? Breaking old stereotypes, we have prepared a selection of popular vegetarian dishes in steakhouse GOODMAN!

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