Lent in GOODMAN - delicious and satisfying!

Steak House GOODMAN allows its guests to spent tasty and varied Lent, which begins this year on February 27.

Especially for you, Steak House developed a Lenten menu. On the first course, you will be offered a hot vegetable cream

soup with baked white root and mushrooms, and then it will be followed by a spicy vegetable stew.

And you will be able to complete your Lenten dinner with baked apple with candied dried fruits, served with fruit poppy sauce.


To fast with Steak House GOODMAN is easy and delicious!

GOODlent – only in GOODMAN!

goodman lent


The whole palette of summer tastes in the seasonal menu of the GOODMAN steak house

The ardent admirers of the GOODMAN steak house were looking forward to the summer with impatience, because it gives us not only warm sunny days, but also a special summer menu from the GOODMAN`s Chef!

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