Kobe Steak: legendary meat in Goodman!

Amazing marbled meat is different from other types of beef!


Kobe Steak, which history dates back to the Japanese city with the same name, is in top-lists ofexpensive and delicious dishes. It is connected with an incredibly complicated process of growing Waygu bulls, each of which grows in a separate stall, in clean and quiet conditions. For six months animals graze on green pastures in the natural environment, the next 365 days they get special diet of wheat and barley on the farm.

The purpose is the legendary taste and matchless softness  of Kobe beef.

As gourmets say, steak is so tender that melts in your mouth!


We recommend to accompany Kobe with red wine Merlot Reserve, Montes (Chile), which will subtly emphasize the delicacy and airiness  of marbled beef.





Boston Dinner - bestseller in GOODMAN

Steak-house GOODMAN continues to delight their guests with the unique offers. This time, our seasonal set "Boston dinner" came to taste of our guests that we could not deny in pleasure to make you a small gift. 

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