Kobe Beef: a legend in the GOODMAN steak house

Are you a true meat gourmet and have already tried the most unimaginable meat delicacies? It seems to you that after the crocodile's meat, a shish kebab from a wild boar and a steak from a flesh of bear you will not be surprised at anything else? Believe us, you are deeply mistaken! After all, if you have not tasted a steak from Kobe's marbled beef in GOODMAN, then you really did not eat delicious meat!


The marble beef steak Kobe is considered one of the most expensive and exquisite meat dishes in the world. The reason is the bullock of the Wagyu breed, which meat is made of, require special care and a complex method of cultivation. Bulls grow in separate stalls, in perfect purity and tranquility. During six months the animals graze in a natural environment on clean green pastures, and then a whole year they get a prepared food ration on the farm, which includes wheat and barley. For a long time, with excellent meat of these bullock could enjoy only in Japan, but now Kobe steaks are available in the best steakhouse restaurants around the world. Especially it has become popular in the US, where it is delivered from directly to the experienced hands of GOODMAN chefs. All this things in order to impress you with an unrivaled delicacy - Kobe meat, which literally melts in your mouth.


Complementary to this delicious steak GOODMAN steak house`s sommelier recommends the Italian "Sito Moresco" - wine with expressive berry tones and rounded tannins, which reveals and complements the taste of meat.


Allow yourself to experience real gastronomic pleasure, enjoying the royal steak from the marble beef Kobe!




Tasty autumn in the GOODMAN steak house!

For what we really love autumn, so this is for a new seasonal menu in the GOODMAN steak house! We strive to surprise guests with original taste combinations and create a warm atmosphere even on the cloudiest day. Therefore, we invite you to taste the bright and mouth-watering dishes from the autumn menu of the GOODMAN steak house!

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