In vino veritas: steak house GOODMAN sommelier recommends

The best addition to the meat is red wine - this elementary truth is known even to people far from cooking. This wonderful union of meat and wine nectar is built on the deep chemistry of gastronomic feelings. Our talented and experienced sommelier Vasily Negin created win-win combinations, having picked up to the legendary GOODMAN steaks the most extraordinary samples from the steak house wine card. Steaks from marble beef with properly selected alcoholic accompaniment will allow you to enjoy exceptional taste sensations!


So, let's start with the classics. To the legendary New York steak will be a fine wine with a complex and elegant aroma of fruits, flowers and spices, with rich, mature taste, soft and silky tannins, perfect balance and a long aftertaste - Chateau de Lamarque from Bordeaux.


The red dry wine of Rosso di Montalcino il Poggone, characterized by a good structure and smooth tannins, in whose aroma the notes of red berries predominate, will become an ideal pair to the tender Fillet Mignon steak.


The soft texture of the Raisa Gran Reserve wine, which has a full, exquisite taste and a long aftertaste, will perfectly emphasize the taste of Ribay's "most marbled" steak.


To the grand steak Tie-boon, our sommelier recommends the exquisite French Château du Pape Reserve Per Anselm. This wine of deep scarlet color with a powerful, dense taste is revealed by a bouquet of aromas of cherry liqueur, Provencal herbs, liquorice and spices. It has voluminous and velvety tannins in the aftertaste. A royal steak Porterhouse excellent ottenit masterpiece of Spanish winemaking Tres Picos - wine with the aroma of cherries, blackberries and oriental spices.


If juicy beef you prefer a delicious lamb then choose Pinot Noir Spinning Top. This drink with a very concentrated fruit taste, fine structure and tones of dark berries, which are supplemented with notes of spices and coffee, will be a perfect addition to the Rack of lamb.


Come to GOODMAN and experience the real pleasure from classic and creative combinations of wine and meat!


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