GOODMAN’s international tour

Whether you are having dinner at London or Zurich’s steak house, or maybe your favorite GOODMAN is located on the map of Kiev or Moscow - it does not matter. In each one you will get an unforgettable experience. This fall brand chefs of our European steak houses brought to GOODMAN their favorite dishes in the author's performance.

Dishes from the UK, Switzerland, Ukraine and Russia are specially prepared for the annual «GOODMAN’s international tour »! We have done a great job and will serve you the best!

GOODMAN’s brand chief (Kiev) Yuriy Baturinskiy will present "Duck leg with berry sauce ". GOODMAN’s brand chief (Moscow) Pavel Galkovskiy will present author dish "Shrimp cake ". GOODMAN’s brand chief (London) John Kadyo will presents for the festival steak "Wellington". GOODMAN’s brand chief (Zurich) Ollie Byrd invites you to enjoy a dessert "Profiteroles with cherry sauce and ice cream".

Tour menu is valid from October 17 to November 17.

GOODMAN - GOOD journey


Barbecue party: Birthday in GOODMAN style

Meat and whiskey - the main guarantee of a successful male birthday! 

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