GOODMAN: review of the Italian wines collection

In many European countries people prefer beer or cider, while Italy stands out for its passion for wine, its spirit and culture – so this country is unique.


Italy, which is called the «country of wine», has 700,000 hectares of vineyards, and the same number of wine-growers. Because of this magnitude, Italian wine is produced most in the world – 45-56 million liters of wine every year!


Furthermore, Italy has 600 local varieties of grapes (in addition to the basic, well-known). Therefore, a variety of organoleptic characteristics of the wines offered by the Italian winemakers is impressive: it is really possible to find a wine for every taste.


This week our sommelier Vasil Negin provides an review of Italian wines from the collection of steak-house GOODMAN. Vasil decided to avoid mentioning the well-known brands and a great wines and tell you about the most extraordinary samples from wine list, which is also deserve your attention.


Barbera d'Alba, Piani – great wine with bright and intense ruby-​​red color. The drink has a delicate aroma of blackberry, plum, spice and subtle note of dark chocolate. The taste is balanced and fruity, with a touch of minerality; in combination with an aromatic force stresses acidity of wine. Wine gastronomically flexibility, combined with a very wide range of dishes.


Erse Etna rosso, Tenuta di Fessina – elegant soft wine has ruby-red color with fruit and berry flavors, notes of undergrowth and cocoa. The composition is a perfect pair for fish under the spicy sauce, white meat, dishes of lamb.


Burdese Planeta – dark saturated colors wine with rich concentrated bouquet of spices, red berries and dark cherries with cocoa accents framed by refreshing peppermint and eucalyptus tones. The taste of wine is clean and complete. The finish is long and harmonious. It goes well with fowl, beef and roasted vegetables.


Poggio alla Guardia, Rocca di Fresinello – wine has dark garnet color. The aroma is dominated by overripe notes of black currant and cherry with subtle hints of coffee. Wine has a smooth astringency. It goes well with grilled meat.


Bolgheri Rosso, Le Macchiole – has an intense ruby​-red color with purple hues. The bouquet has tones of spices, green pepper and vanilla aromas of red fruits, blackberries and blueberries. At the end there is the aroma of roasted cocoa beans. An elegant wine with a good balance. Long tannins give a feeling of freshness. The wine goes well with red meat, fowl, steak.


You are welcome to taste the carefully selected wines from the collection of steak-house GOODMAN!


GOODMAN – GoodWine

GOODMAN – GoodWine


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