GOODMAN received restaurant award "Salt"

GOODMAN is the best again! Steak house received the prestigious restaurant award "Salt" in the nomination "Best meat restaurant" in 2014.


Capital gourmets know steak house GOODMAN for a long time. It's not just a restaurant that serves classic steaks - it is a personal choice of those for whom consistency of taste is a credo. GOODMAN’s team is a well-known expert in this business, which was repeatedly confirmed and proved by prizes at various prestigious competitions. This year was no exception - GOODMAN Kiev named the best meat restaurant in 2014 and received the restaurant award "Salt".


SALT Award is the first objective Ukrainian restaurant’s award. It is given to restaurants that were named by consumers and have been tested by jury. A copper pan is the award of the winner. It’s a symbol of quality restaurant in Ukraine. The founder and organizer of the Award is the Club hoteliers and restaurateurs HOTELIERO.


Team of steak house GOODMAN thanks the guests and restaurant industry experts for the high appreciation! We make everything to ensure that guests would receive an unforgettable dining experience and enjoy the delicate taste of meat. After all, the people who prepare and serve steaks in GOODMAN are professionally engaged in the things they love! Perhaps that is why the steaks in GOODMAN are so special.


Come and try it!


Would you like some strawberries? We invite you to taste seasonal desserts in GOODMAN!

GOODMAN steak house welcomes summer with a new delicious seasonal offer - strawberry desserts and drinks. You are definitely gonna get a charge of vitamins and bright gastronomic impressions!

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