GOODMAN presents: apple pie, which you have never tried!

Warm apple pie - a symbol of comfort and well-being of Americans, baked according to original recipe of GOODMAN’s Chef.


When you order this dessert, do not expect that you will be brought the classic apple pie. No, GOODMAN will surprise you not only with its incredible taste, but also by the presentation, because it is flat.

The taste of the cake is difficult to express. When you try it, you can feel the crunch of the finest light caramel brown with dozens of delicate slices of apple, and then feel the bliss of gentle dough soaked in sweet and sour juice. Apricot jelly, with which the pie is coated, gives the dish a light spring apricot flavor.


And, finally, thanks to the sauce on the basis of natural vanilla and ice cream, you will feel vanilla aftertaste. And all this is decorated with powdered sugar and a sprig of mint.


Warm apple pie in GOODMAN, without exaggeration - the most delicious dessert in the world!



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