GOODMAN Grand steaks: double pleasure for meat gourmets

If you love excellent marbled meat steaks, you have appreciated the quality of our perfectly cooked meat in GOODMAN steak house and perhaps have become our regular guest.


For the true meat-lover a good steak is usually not enough.


In this case we offer you to extend the pleasure of tasting to the last piece our impressive size Grand steaks which are cooked for true connoisseurs.


You can choose from:

1. "Short Loin Steak" (500-800 g) – beef short loin cut, bone-in. It's pretty tender juicy meat with rich flavor.

2. "T-bone" (500-800 g) – a unique type of steak, consisting of a thin layer of tenderloin and a famous strip loin, known for classical steak New York. Two kinds of meat separated by a T-shaped bone, where the steak got its name. Amazing harmony and bright flavor will give you a plenty of pleasant taste sensations.

3. "Porterhouse" (700-1000 g) is the richest and biggest steak. We can say, a "Royal" variant of "T-Bone", which has more tenderloin. It gives you the opportunity to equally enjoy two kinds of meat divided by bone: on the one end, the rear end of the short loin, having the characteristic "beef" flavor, and on the other end, melting in the mouth and the most delicate strip loin.


Receive a double portion of the meat pleasure with GOODMAN Grand steaks!


GOODMAN – GoodSteak

Гранд стейки


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