Goodman friends Evening!

Traditional Goodman friends Evening has been recently held in a wide circle of true connoisseurs of excellent meat in the Steak House Goodman. On Wednesday, September 26, the mood for Goodman guests was created by a jazz band «Moon Light», the thirst was slaked by a tasty partner of the Evening - TM "Russian Standard". Besides, the chef cooked culinary surprise in addition to traditional dishes, it was roast beef of American marble beef from famous all around the world U.S. producer «Great Omaha."

The culmination of the evening was the drawing of the thinnest and powerful Sony VAIO laptop from the partner of the restaurant - elite digital store

But the main stars of the Evening were, of course, the guests themselves. Their kind words to Goodman were the best reward and incentive to work of the best (in the opinion of the quests) Ukrainian Steak House.


Goodman Guests


Tastefully lent in steak-house GOODMAN

Everyone who is prepared for lent as much as 40 days to devote both spiritual and physical cleansing, we invite to steak house GOODMAN.

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