GOODMAN congratulates on February 23

GOODMAN steak house congratulates all men on the Day of Armed Forces!

On this holiday, we thank all those who bravely defended their homeland from invaders and those who serve in the army now. February 23 is a day of real men!

Steaks are traditionally considered food for real men. So the best place to celebrate the Day of Armed Forces is of course GOODMAN steak house!

Just imagine a big piece of juicy, perfectly roasted meat with aromatic and intensive flavor, served with vegetables and sauce. Only one look at this dish wakes up the desire to arm with a knife and fork and start the meal.

Perfectly cooked steaks, delicate wine and relaxing atmosphere will make the holiday unforgettable!

As a compliment on February 23 GOODMAN steak house prepared a hot surprise from Chef and warming gift from "Russian Standard" for all strong, brave and courageous men.


Barbecue party: Birthday in GOODMAN style

Meat and whiskey - the main guarantee of a successful male birthday! 

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