GOODMAN brings to your attention "Wine reservation": get a bottle of wine with a 50% discount

If you are one of those who associate GOODMAN steak house not only with marble meat, but also with excellent wine, we have great news for you! From June 15 to August 31 in the GOODMAN steak house there is a special offer - "Wine reservation": now you can reserve any bottle of wine for supper or dinner with a 50% discount!


When you visit a restaurant for lunch, for example, you have the opportunity to pre-order wine for dinner and buy it for half the price! Our waiters will help you decide on the choice and will prompt you which wine accompaniment is perfect for you. You can choose any bottle of wine from our wine library and even leave your initials on it to be sure that this particular bottle will wait for you till the evening;)


If you have no opportunity to make an order personally, but you plan to visit the steak house in the nearest future, then just call in advance and make a preliminary reserve of one or several bottles of wine from the GOODMAN wine card by calling 044 596 00 00 or 044 592 31 45!


Reserve a bottle of wine for the evening and celebrate the end of the working day with a glass of exquisite wine nectar along with friends and colleagues. We are waiting for you in the GOODMAN steak house!



Would you like some strawberries? We invite you to taste seasonal desserts in GOODMAN!

GOODMAN steak house welcomes summer with a new delicious seasonal offer - strawberry desserts and drinks. You are definitely gonna get a charge of vitamins and bright gastronomic impressions!

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