GOODKids - Children's menu from GOODMAN!

Restaurant Goodman is pleased to introduce delicious and healthy meals from children's menu to the youngest guests. The menu was developed according to the wishes of kids, who revealed their preferences in food to the restaurant.

Steakhouse will offer your kids to taste lingvini with mozzarella, kebab of salmon or chicken with vegetables and for the dessert sweet pancakes with vanilla-strawberry sauce.

Undoubtedley, GOODBurger will bring some happiness to children, by the way, when ordering the restaurant GOODMAN gives a little surprise. 

Moreover, every weekend from 14:00 до 20:00 funny animators named Good and Man entertain the kids, not allowing them to miss a single moment. In the children’s room kids can not only draw, paint and put together puzzles; they can also expect for interactive entertainment, intellectual quizzes, entertaining contests, board and educational games.

Take your child to the restaurant to enjoy the pleasant family atmosphere and excellent cuisine of Goodman.

                         GOODMAN – GOODKids!

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Boston Dinner - bestseller in GOODMAN

Steak-house GOODMAN continues to delight their guests with the unique offers. This time, our seasonal set "Boston dinner" came to taste of our guests that we could not deny in pleasure to make you a small gift. 

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