Festival of American beef in Goodman steak house!

Friends! Today Goodman launches very important gastronomic event of this autumn - Festival of American beef! Festival is held in partnership with the American Federation for meat export and will last from September 28 to October 11 inclusive. "Highlights" of the Festival are the steaks of rare cuts, which you will not find in menus of Kiev restaurants. We are offering:


- Kullot steak with vegetables. This moderately tender steak has rich beef aroma and particularly juiciness with low fat content.

- Top blade steak with broccoli and Blue Cheese sauce. Main advantage of this steak is a special marbling, due to which it becomes incredibly juicy.

- Hengin tender with green beans. This steak will surprise you with a delicate flavor and excellent texture.


Try these incredibly delicious and rare steaks now only at our festival of American beef! And ... it's not all surprises that we have prepared for you! Come and enjoy! ;)


We are waiting for you in Goodman!


GOODMAN - GOOD Festival!


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