Business lunches in GOODMAN

In today's business world negotiations are often not limited by formal meetings in office. Business lunch is a great way to make a person to be in a good mood and achieve success in the negotiations. Need to chat with a partner or discuss a deal? Why not do it during a business lunch at GOODMAN steak house.


On weekdays from 12:00 till 16:00 GOODMAN offers more than 20 positions of lunches from 139 UAH!


Mix and match, create your own dinner, choosing from a vast menu. And if you need to conduct a confidential meeting VIP-hall is at your service. And no one of the visitors will be a witness of your meeting.


We have done everything to make your business lunch in the warm atmosphere of steak house GOODMAN to be successful for you and your partners!




Gastro-tour in steakhouse GOODMAN menu. PART 3: Vegetarian lunch

You think, GOODMAN - is only steaks? Breaking old stereotypes, we have prepared a selection of popular vegetarian dishes in steakhouse GOODMAN!

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