Business lunch in Goodman is a great idea for a dinner on a working day!

Do you think of a question: where to dine fast and tasty? There is only one answer! Head straight to Goodman steak-house and order our business lunch! This is perfect variant for a hearty dinner!


The menu options are available from the most concise (soup + salad) to lunch, that includes an incredibly tasty "New York" marbled beef steak.

A variety of first and second courses, unique tastes of beef, pork and salmon steaks, expertly cooked side dishes, as well as a calm and cozy atmosphere of the restaurant - just a few reasons to enjoy a business lunch in Goodman!


Lunch is served from 12:00 to 16:00 on weekdays.


GOODMAN - Good Lunch

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Tastefully lent in steak-house GOODMAN

Everyone who is prepared for lent as much as 40 days to devote both spiritual and physical cleansing, we invite to steak house GOODMAN.

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