Brand steaks for a picnic in GOODMAN

What a picnic without meat cooked on the fire?! A delicious juicy steak will be the main course on the front porch of a country house or in a forest, on the bank of a river or lake!

Trust your worries about the future barbecue to professionals of steak house GOODMAN. Properly butchered chilled meat will save you time and make the process easy and enjoyable.


Come to GOODMAN and take the most valuable things: cooled steaks of marbled beef with GOODMAN’s quality and receive special sauce as a gift.

Steaks "New York", "Ribeye", "Fillet mignon", cooked on an open fire, will become the main dish of your picnic! In one word, take it!


GOODMAN - GOOD picnic!


Brand steaks for a picnic in GOODMAN


Boston dinner - tasty completion of the post in GOODMAN!

Enchanting New Year has passed, but ahead - one of the most important holidays of the year - Christmas, which we all are waiting with particular trepidation.

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