Birthday party with a masculine character in the GOODMAN steak house

Every man deserves at least one “well-beseeming” birthday in his life: without vinaigrette and meat a la Francaise, without hiking with a list to the supermarket, without cleaning the brazier, with no headache and unnecessary worries. At least once in a lifetime every man should allow himself to enjoy his Birthday, to hold it in a manly way, in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere of the restaurant, which will emphasize the status and taste of the he-man.


Present yourself such a holiday in the GOODMAN steak house, known for its truly masculine character! All representatives of the strong half of humanity gather here to celebrate their (no, not years!) achievement with a glass of single malt whisky and share the legendary steak of selected marble beef with a company of kindred tribesmen. It has been said that steaks are traditionally considered as a male food that can excite taste buds and give true pleasure to each meat-eater. Moreover, in honor of Birthday we want to please our birthday celebrant not only with excellent food, but also to give 25% discount to all menu of the bar and kitchen!


The holiday discount will be valid for a week from the date of your birth, which will allow you to choose a convenient date for a festive party. Do not forget to reserve a table and bring your passport or other document confirming your significant date.


Now you can safely gather a large company of relatives and friends, generously treat them with delicious dishes and emphasize your taste with good drinks. We will do our best to create a bright, festive atmosphere and make your celebration unforgettable. We are waiting for you in GOODMAN!



Happy B-day


The whole palette of summer tastes in the seasonal menu of the GOODMAN steak house

The ardent admirers of the GOODMAN steak house were looking forward to the summer with impatience, because it gives us not only warm sunny days, but also a special summer menu from the GOODMAN`s Chef!

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