Best American marbled beef - only in GOODMAN!

Beef steaks - classic American cuisine, but Americans didn’t invent the steak - they just created its culture. Marbled beef wasn’t invented in the US, but had been perfected here.


Marbled beef from the United States is the highest standard of quality and taste. Here the meat is given maximum attention and cattle breeding has become a matter of national pride. Many businessmen invest their millions in development of the meat industry, laboratories equipped with the latest technology, work on breeding and improvement of nurturing bulls process, consequently, they improve the quality of meat, which remains unsurpassed. American farmers like no one else knows about how to raise bulls to make steaks from their meat classic and tasty. The main secret of success is a complicated and expensive technology of grain feeding, required for tender marbled meat.


It took several years for steak-house GOODMAN team to select the best meat supplier. The team studied the market, worked with many suppliers, traveled across America, visited the largest factories and manufactures in the USA, and now we can be proud of our perfect marbled beef steaks! Steaks from GOODMAN are appreciated not only by those, who live in Kiev, but also by guests of the capital, including foreigners.


GOODMAN - GOOD Marbled Beef


Would you like some strawberries? We invite you to taste seasonal desserts in GOODMAN!

GOODMAN steak house welcomes summer with a new delicious seasonal offer - strawberry desserts and drinks. You are definitely gonna get a charge of vitamins and bright gastronomic impressions!

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