Barbecue party: Birthday in GOODMAN style

Meat and whiskey - the main guarantee of a successful male birthday! And the best holidays with these gastronomic attributes are taking place, of course, in the GOODMAN steak house. What if this time we offer you to change the traditional scenario of the celebration and hold a party in a more relaxed atmosphere, for example, in the backyard of your country house? On your birthday be a hospitable host - invite your friends to the BBQ and this time surprise them not by the status of the place where the party is held, but with your culinary talent. 

For you - a true gourmet and connoisseur of legendary marble meat - it's no secret that the success of a delicious dinner is in the selection steaming hot steaks. GOODMAN steak house chefs will prepare specially for your barbecue chilled steaks Ribai, New York and Fillet Mignon. And lovers of meat assortment can enjoy a shish kebab with pork, chicken thighs with golden crust, tender fillet, veal and lamb, marinated in rosemary. 

All you have to do is send the meat to the grate, hold it to the desired degree of roasting, treat your relatives and friends with your culinary masterpiece and disrupt the storm of applause and enthusiastic exclamations! 
With a special BBQ-offer from the GOODMAN steak house your theme birthday will be held at the highest level! 



Tasty autumn in the GOODMAN steak house!

For what we really love autumn, so this is for a new seasonal menu in the GOODMAN steak house! We strive to surprise guests with original taste combinations and create a warm atmosphere even on the cloudiest day. Therefore, we invite you to taste the bright and mouth-watering dishes from the autumn menu of the GOODMAN steak house!

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