6th Birthday of GOODMAN steak house!

GOODMAN steak house on Zhilyanskaya str. celebrated its 6th birthday! GOODMAN first opened its doors on November 14, 2008. The past 6 years GOODMAN delights guests with its unique atmosphere, level of service and, of course, the best steaks in Kiev!


For a long time GOODMAN steak house is considered to be a favorite spot of the public. During this time GOODMAN got a lot of friends who were able to estimate all advantages of their favorite steak house. Traditionally, the most important holiday of the restaurant was celebrated in the format of "GOODMAN’s friends evening" which brought together loyal steak house fans.


Atmosphere of fun, inspiration and enchanting holiday was created by the group "More Huana" and host Taras Shpira. According to the results of quizzes and competitions guests received a lot of gifts. The main surprise for the guests was three oil paintings from a partner of the holiday creative workshop ERIA.


Bright gastronomic experience for all guests gave a solid and perfectly delicious "Roast beef flambe" cooked by GOODMAN’s Chef. Prepared in accordance with the requirements of haute cuisine, roast beef was the main dish of the holiday table. But the climax of the evening was a birthday cake in the form of a steak, a piece of which received every guest.


Traditionally, the mood of the guests was raised by the trade mark "Russian Standard". Vodka "Russian Standard Gold" is an ideal attribute of any holiday table and fully complies with the special atmosphere.


Alcoholic partner of the evening was the company "Pernod Ricard Ukraine", which supplies Ukraine with more than 25 popular brands of alcoholic beverages, many of which (Absolut Vodka, Chivas Regal) are the worldwide leaders in its segment.


At the end of the evening everyone got their photo in GOODMAN’s style.

GOODMAN steak house is the best meat, good people and, of course, soulful celebration!

Happy Birthday, GOODMAN!


GOODMAN steak house is a restaurant where the meat cult dominates

GOODMAN steak house is a legendary place of a well-known international network that unites the same name meat restaurants in London, Zurich and Kiev. 

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