Orthodox Christians observe Lent. And it's a great chance to get an incredible gastronomic experience from meals of lenten GOODMAN menu. There's no reason to deprive yourself of pleasure!


Meet the Lenten menu from our Chef:

• Borsch with white mushrooms or vegetable soup (99 UAH);

• Vinaigrette with mushrooms (99 UAH), salad with roasted beets (119 UAH), couscous with ratatouille (149 UAH) or fried vegetables (USD 189);

• Chocolate and vanilla mousse for dessert (109 UAH).


On weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00, these dishes will be presented at a business lunch menu.




Tasty autumn in the GOODMAN steak house!

For what we really love autumn, so this is for a new seasonal menu in the GOODMAN steak house! We strive to surprise guests with original taste combinations and create a warm atmosphere even on the cloudiest day. Therefore, we invite you to taste the bright and mouth-watering dishes from the autumn menu of the GOODMAN steak house!

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