Orthodox Christians observe Lent. And it's a great chance to get an incredible gastronomic experience from meals of lenten GOODMAN menu. There's no reason to deprive yourself of pleasure!


Meet the Lenten menu from our Chef:

• Borsch with white mushrooms or vegetable soup (99 UAH);

• Vinaigrette with mushrooms (99 UAH), salad with roasted beets (119 UAH), couscous with ratatouille (149 UAH) or fried vegetables (USD 189);

• Chocolate and vanilla mousse for dessert (109 UAH).


On weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00, these dishes will be presented at a business lunch menu.




The whole palette of summer tastes in the seasonal menu of the GOODMAN steak house

The ardent admirers of the GOODMAN steak house were looking forward to the summer with impatience, because it gives us not only warm sunny days, but also a special summer menu from the GOODMAN`s Chef!

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