Our main meat entrees are cooked over coals


GOODMAN recommends 4 grades of steak preparation:

Rare (grilled outside, raw red inside, t 39°- 43°)

Medium rare (steak still having some blood left, rosy red inside, t 42°- 47°)

Medium (half-grilled steak, pink inside, t 47°- 50°) - the most popular grade of preparation

Medium well (almost wholly grilled steak, beige pink, t 55°- 57°)

Well done - GOODMAN doesn't recommend well done steaks (more than t 60°)


Every steak is served with a sauce of your choice.............................................................29

GOODMAN sauce - house-sauce with red wine, berries and honey (60 g)

Pepper sauce - cream and freshly ground pepper (60 g)

Mushroom sauce - cream, porcini and button mushrooms (60 g)

Spicy sauce - herbs and garlic (60 g)


XXL CowBoy steak 700 g * 2199

USA / Australia. A 120 days of corn-fed beef
Bone-in rib-eye
Recommended doneness – medium–well

GOODMAN's rib-eye steak 400 g*

USA / Australia. 120 days of corn-fed beef
Classic cut from the rib section
Recommended doneness - medium
Ask us to cook the most marbled steak available
If you prefer your rib-eye medium well


New York steak 350 g*
USA / Australia. 120 days of corn-fed beef
Traditional cut from the top loin
Recommended doneness - medium rare
Filet mignon 250 g*
USA / Australia. A120 days of corn-fed
The definitive steak made solety from the mid section of the tenderloin – the most tender and lean cut
Recommended doneness - medium rare 



Set "Boston dinner" 599

Salad of your choice:

Fresh cucumbers, ripe tomatoes and greens (with olive oil or sour cream) 250 g
Green mixed salad 80g
Main dish of your choice:
Steak "New York" 220 g
Salmon steak 160/60 g

Garnish of your choice:
Grilled vegetables 200 g
Mashed potatoes with "Roquefort" cheese 250 g

No discounts are valid on this special offer  


Set "Chateau for two"
Steak + side dish + appetizer............................................................................................2299

Chateaubriand steak

+ spinach pie as аppetizer 250g
+ rice with mushrooms OR Young green beans with bacon
No discounts are valid on this special offer
Fillet-Chateau  300 g*                                                                                                   

USA / Australia. 120 days of corn-fed beef
Example cut from the wider end of the tenderloin

Chateaubrian steak  450 g* 

USA / Australia. 120 days of corn-fed beef
The original steak of main part of tenderloin
The recommended level of preparation - medium rare


Rack of lamb 400/600 g                                                                  


New Zealand.
Whole rack of lamb, grilled. Recommended preparation - medium
Braised lamb shank with rosemary sauce 290/40 g 649
Beef stroganoff 400 g 469
Вest- known russian classic (made solely from beef tenderloin)  


Our specialty burger is the best in Moscow!
Freshly minced charcoal-grilled beef burger with tomatoes,
Romaine lettuce, pickled cucumbers and red onions, served with
fried potato wedges, ketchup and mayonnaise 9 oz
+ crunchy pancetta 39
+ fried egg 29
+ Cheddar 29
+ onion rings 29
CHICKEN BURGER GOODMAN 200/160/100/80g  189
+ crunchy pancetta 20 g   39
+ fried egg 1 ps  29
+ Cheddar 20 g  29
+ onion rings 10 g  29
GOODMAN Premier burger (with or without onion)
+ GOODMAN milk shake or lemonade
+ surprise toy


«Short Loin Steak» 500 – 800 g**      279/100 g

USA.120 days corn-fed beef 
Beef short loin cut, bone-in. 
Recommended temperature – medium rare 

"T-Bone" 500 – 800 g**      289/100 g

USA.120 days corn-fed beef 
A unique short loin steak is a two-for-one cut, it’s comprised of a piece
of tenderloin and a piece of strip separated by a T-shaped bone. It
consists mostly of the famous strip loin cut and its smaller part is
soft tenderloin. 
Recommended temperature – medium rare 

«Porterhouse» 700  1000 g**      299/100 g

USA.120 days corn-fed beef 
The king steak, bone-in. It’s comprised of two equal beef cuts separated
by T-shaped bone: one of them is the rear end of the short loin with
the most “beef” taste and the other section is delicate strip loin.
Recommended temperature – medium rare



"Kobe New York Steak" 200-300 g*
Boneless beef steak from the heart of the short loin. A marvelous marbled meat that differs from all other beef cuts. Incomparable pleasure is guaranteed! 
Recommended temperature – medium 
Sommelier recommendation - Sito moresco 
Gaja Sito Moresco Rosso Langhe, Piedmont, Italy. 

Rich wine from Nebbiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grape varieties.

Ideal to drink young. Expressive berry tones, combined with rounded tannins, leave a pleasant long aftertaste


All our prices are in grivnas. We accept grivnas and principal credit cards for payment.

A company of 8 or more people gets an olbigatory 10% service charge included into the bill.


Gastro-tour in steakhouse GOODMAN menu. PART 3: Vegetarian lunch

You think, GOODMAN - is only steaks? Breaking old stereotypes, we have prepared a selection of popular vegetarian dishes in steakhouse GOODMAN!

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