Business lunch


                                                          Workdays from 12.00 till 16.00


Salad + Soup                                                                                


Salad or soup + 1 dish of your choice :

Josper-roasted chicken thigh 130g                    

Chicken liver 210g


Salad or soup +    1 dish of your choice :

American style fried chicken with vegetables 240 g

Chicken with mushrooms and cream sauce 200 g

Chicken breast schnitzel 120/60 g 

Tender chicken breast josper grilled  120 g


Salad or soup +       

1 dish of your choice :

Pork blade steak 140 g                 

Goodman-Style pork ribs with orange sauce 150/30/5 g  

Pork chop 140 g  



1 dish of your choice :                       

Salad or soup +         

Linguine with seafood** 250 g                                     


Chopped chicken steak with mushroom saucer 200/50 g

Chopped beef steak with egg 200/30 g                  



Salad or soup +

Beef Stroganoff 190/25 g                                        


Lamb lula kebab 160/75/50 g


Salad or soup +

Salmon steak 160/60 g    

Catfish fillets with cream sauce 250 g                            



Salad or soup +

Filet Mignon medallions 200* g

New York lunch steak 220* g
USA. Recommended preparation - medium


Rib-eye lunch steak 250* g 

USA. Recommended preparation - medium





"Italian" salad 200 g

Marinated salmon salad 160 g

Fresh cucumbers, sweet tomatoes and herbs 250 g

(with olive oil or sour cream)

Caesar salad with chicken  210 g

Mixed green salad 80 g

Green salad with beef tongue 170 g

Greek salad 225 g


Cream soup of white root vegetables and shrimps 285/15g

Mushroom and porcini soup with cream 250 / 10 g

Veal brisket and potato soup 480 / 20g

Ukrainian borsch (served with sour cream) 350 / 40g

Mexican tomato and beans soup  300g  

Chicken soup with linguini 400/20 g




Vegetable sote 200 g

Grilled vegetables 200 g

Mashed potatoes with Roquefort cheese 250 g

Creamed spinach 200/5 g

French fries 130 g

Boiled rice 150 g

Grilled vegetables 200 g 



Bardolino Classico Zeni 150 ml


Chardonnay Callia Alta 150 ml



90 g +49
Cheesecake 100/10 g   +49



Rocchetta Brio Blu, Natural 250 ml 

Tea English breakfast / Sencha


Juice of your choice: orange, apple, pineapple, grapefruit, tomato





* All our prices are in grivnas. We accept grivnas and principal credit cards for payment. The discount by the guest card is only possible for a group not more than 6 persons. A company of 8 or more people gets an olbigatory 10% service charge included into the bill. Our earnest request is to avoid smoking cigars in our restaurant from 12.00 to 20.00


Boston Dinner - bestseller in GOODMAN

Steak-house GOODMAN continues to delight their guests with the unique offers. This time, our seasonal set "Boston dinner" came to taste of our guests that we could not deny in pleasure to make you a small gift. 

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