Meat & wine

Which wine with which meat? Well, it's your choice, we would never dream of forcing anything on our guests. Some people love contrasting tastes – e.g., blue cheese and sweetness of Sauternes. Others prefer something fresh – e.g., beef carpaccio and Beaujolais. You may use geography as the rule of the thumb: e.g. "Caprese" salad works well with young Italian wines, while rich Argentine steak is perfect with full-bodied Argentine wine. And yet...

There are some classic combinations that will always be good. If you follow our advice, we guarantee: the following combinations bring you the best, they display both the meat and the wine to perfection.


Goodman Rib-eye steak goes well with "Twin Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon" from Robert Mondavi (USA, California). Cabernet Sauvignon has aromas of ripe black currant and jam, as well as impressive tannins. Only this wine can withstand the onslaught of the powerful taste of Rib-eye steak.

Filet Mignon in conjunction with multifaceted Tuscan "Poggio alla Guardia" will open up new nuances in the combination of meat and wine.

Saturation and aroma of Lamb loin perfectly accentuate the bright and intense "Pinot Noir Marlborough San", which perfectly demonstrated its properties in New Zealand.

New York steak goes well with the French "Chateau Doyyak Cru bourgeois" (O-Medoc) Bordeaux, which has a pleasant richness, taste of ripe plums and interesting astringency.


GOODMAN steak house is a restaurant where the meat cult dominates

GOODMAN steak house is a legendary place of a well-known international network that unites the same name meat restaurants in London, Zurich and Kiev. 

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